Now FDA Approved for Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs Back and Abdominal Areas.  Average of 24% of FAT “Destroyed” in just 25 minutes

Only Forever Young MedSpa has been performing Non-Surgical Body Shaping since 2005 and no center in the United States let alone South Florida has performed more FAT Reduction Treatments.  

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We could show you the science behind the systems we have which includes; SculpSure, Vanquish ME Core, Vanquish ME Flex, Exilis Ultra, Venus Freeze & Venus Legacy and list out the other dozen plus systems we’ve used over the past decade but that would take quite a long time…

We LOVE for our perspective patients to educate themselves by asking a few questions of other centers the are considering like;

  • How many systems for body shaping do you have?
  • How many years have you been performing body shaping treatments?
  • Which systems have you used in your practice and lastly, and this is a big one.  What is your success protocol?
Chances are extremely high that you will get that look… You know how a puppy looks when they turn their head to figure out what to do!  

Only Forever Young MedSpa has our proprietary & exclusive success protocol that adds in over $1,000 in services at no extra charge that reduces the time to achieve results, provides 3D scanning for exact measurements, enhances results and reduces pain. 

We’ve developed our success protocol as a result of having performed over 20,000 body shaping treatments since 2005 and you will receive a copy once you fill out the form.

On the form in the field “how did you hear about us” just type in “Vanquish My Fat,”  we will take $200.00 of any package of Body Shaping Package or Buy 7 SculpSure Pads (average patient purchase) and receive the 8th Pad Free.   

For larger patients ask about our exclusive  “Debulk & Sculpt Protocol” and receive $200 off plus the 8th pad FREE!

Ask About Our Membership Program That Will Save You Hundreds Even Thousands of Dollars Annually!

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